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Stop Acting Like You Live Twice

You live once.   Once. That means one shot at your first kiss, one shot at college, and most importantly, one shot to make your dreams come true.   Let me take you back   My childhood was saturated with sports – hockey, lacrosse, baseball – and as a result I continually encountered this cliche motivational question. [...]

Throw Your Phone In The Air

Throw it up!   I took a trip to see the guys who started a crazy instagram account called @PhoneInTheAir.   It’s a simple concept that’s also smoothe as silk.Take a picture, of someone taking a picture, inside another picture.

Old Enough to Know, Young Enough Not to Care

Starting a business is something that most people will never truly understand – Your friends and family have the best vantage point but, without experiencing it on a daily basis, it’s hard for them to wrap their heads around the insanity we live.   Insanity For example: Insanity could be learning that you had $.17 [...]