Old Enough to Know, Young Enough Not to Care

Old Enough to Know, Young Enough Not to Care

Starting a business is something that most people will never truly understand – Your friends and family have the best vantage point but, without experiencing it on a daily basis, it’s hard for them to wrap their heads around the insanity we live.


For example: Insanity could be learning that you had $.17 in your bank account last winter and considering it a “victory” because you didn’t have to pay an overdraft fee that you couldn’t afford.

Or insanity to the point where we’re up until 3am finalizing the biggest pitch of our lives – that we then have to turn around and present at 10am the following morning.
What’s even more ”insane” is that we are 100% OK with it all. There is always going to be the friend or family member who wonders why we don’t seek out a $60,000/yr job to give ourselves stability… but what fun would that be?


Double Edged Sword


Old enough to know but young enough not to care – This embodies the unrealized reality of most 20-something year olds that are amidst the biggest transitional phase of their lives. Where restrictions and responsibility are at an all time low and potential is at an all time high.
What it boils down to is an irregular balance that not all are capable maintaining. The balance between complete naiveness and knowing too much to risk it all.
It’s the Sweet Spot, as we coined it here at JSG.
This sweet spot allows you to know what you should be doing to live a quality life, while also realizing what you could be doing to push the boundaries of your comfort zone – to become the person you’ve dreamt about being your entire life.

Realizing Your Potential
Being old enough to know what you’re up against, but young enough not to care, is a beautiful thing once you learn to embrace it. It comes from searching deep inside yourself, finding your true potential, and not being scared to chase it.
Beyond all that – and what is most special – is finding two of your best friends who are willing to take the same naive leap of faith that very most would advise against.
I can speak for both Defina and Scott when I say that we’ve done enough dreaming over last couple of years and are ready to start showing the world what we dream about.


Realize your potential and never be afraid to chase it.

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