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Time to pound space brownies, ride bikes and goon out at the Heineken factory. My homies and I took Amsterdam – beautiful people, beautiful buds, beautiful land.


” You won’t find any “marijuana sold here” decals in the windows, but rest assured, if the sign outside says “coffeeshop,” then the establishment sells ganja. ”


Bicycles are literally everywhere: chained to every lamp post, tree, railing, other bike, and every now and then, a bike rack. The dedicated red bike lanes, which are separated by a curb from the road, are usually more spacious than the sidewalks.

The Dutch get started in cycling at a very young age, and continue well into their golden years. Infants are often strapped into a child seat, which sits on top of the mother’s handlebars and is protected from the wind by a small windshield. Once the kids become a bit too big for the handlebars, they are transported by their parents in freight or cargo bicycles. And not long after that, they get their own bikes.