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Skater Isaiah Meadows is one of Jelly’s primary riders – beats and boards keep this guy going. And going. And going. Zeya has a crazy skillset that let’s him skate traditional street with a bit of park and vert mixed in. Not all riders can adapt to any park, but as you can see, Zeya can send it on any ramp or kicker.

Peep some action shots from Austin, TX and New York, NY – rad, right?


” At the ripe age of 7, Jelly Skateboards’ founder Sven Alwerud discovered his love for skateboarding. His love for the hobby developed into an obsession during high school when Sven and best friend Cody started creating skateboard decks in their childhood garage. Bored of using the same wood material over and over again, they thought “why not try making a clear skateboard”? For the next few months they tested different clear materials until Sven’s father, a robotics engineer, suggested using a clear engineering resin composite commonly known as bullet proof glass. 

Nowadays they rolling better than ever. Jelly boards, trucks and add ons are guaranteed and proven quality that ensure you will achieve the dopest ride, biggest flex and legendary good time. Jelly Skateboards is an all-round look good, feel good company. Our customers, skaters, and employees are the heart and soul of our company and all of our business ventures, practices and relationships are held to the highest standard with you in mind. “

Jelly Skateboards