Stop Acting Like You Live Twice

Stop Acting Like You Live Twice

You live once.



That means one shot at your first kiss, one shot at college, and most importantly, one shot to make your dreams come true.


Let me take you back


My childhood was saturated with sports – hockey, lacrosse, baseball – and as a result I continually encountered this cliche motivational question.

 “If you knew today was the last time you would step onto the field, what would you play like?” 

Two years ago I took my ‘last step’ onto the lacrosse field, and you know what? When I sit down and reflect on my career, I wish I had done more – an extra suicide, an extra hour watching film, another 5 minutes of shooting after practice.


I took what I loved most, the sport I loved most for granted because I didn’t think it would ever fade, yet when Merrimack’s fourth quarter horn called out, it was over.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what I accomplished… But there are absolutely things that I regret.

That lingering feeling sucks, trust me, but it also taught me a very valuable lesson.

Stop acting like you have more than one life to chase a dream

Take 30 seconds right now and think about your life, where you’re at now, and what you envision for your future.




Are you on that track?

Or does that current track require your future self to break out of your shell, grab your dream by the throat, and start making power moves?


My point here is that you truly have one shot to make yourself happy – simply one – and that happiness will be different for each and every one of us.


It’s your own damn lane

For some it’s going to be making a bunch of money hustling on Wall Street. For others it’s may be helping to supply water to a third world country.


For you it will be something completely different, and all I have to say to that is ‘right on’. Identifying what drives you and then going all-in is the greatest thing you could ever do for yourself.


It will scare you.


The people around you will argue that you shouldn’t, probably because they don’t see your vision.


But you know what?
It’s your own lane that you’ve decided to partake in, and in that lane there’s no room for questioners and negative opinions because, as we know, everyone has one of those.


And they’re all bull  

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